Freedom Writer Teachers


The Freedom Writers Institute is a training program for educators at all levels, professionals who work with adolescents, and professionals in leadership roles. 

At the Institute, Gruwell and the Freedom Writers lead a full-immersion training of the Freedom Writer Methodology and accompanying curricula. During the five-day institute, participants learn the components of transformative education through experiential learning activities and real-life experience. 

Upon completion of the program, research consistently shows, participants return to their jobs with greater job satisfaction, higher student success rates, lower student drop-out rates, and more passion for teaching and learning. 


The Freedom Writers approach to education is holistic and focused on teacher each student how each student learns best. For more information about the Freedom Writers Methodology, click here

Who can apply? 

Education Professionals (teachers, administrators, coaches, counselors, para-educators), social workers, and other professionals who can benefit from the training may apply to the institute. 

How do I apply? 

Candidates must fill out an application and provide vital information about the organization and environment in which they work. If interested in applying, please request an application from  

Sponsors interested in supporting a teacher in their community, contact the foundation at

Freedom Writer Teachers

Upon graduating from the institute, participants get a certificate of completion and a lifelong membership to the Freedom Writer Teacher network, in which they continue to receive valuable training, curriculum, lesson plans, and opportunities. There are 300 total Freedom Writer Teachers coming from around the world, as displayed above. They are a well-decorated group of educators who are committed to their students and to each other. 

Freedom Writer Teachers have received numerous awards including Teacher of the Year, the Spirit of Anne Frank, and the Milken Educator Award. 

They have edited The Freedom Writers Diary - Teachers Guide, Scholastic's On the Record, and they wrote the NY Times Bestselling, Teaching Hope.