The Four Pillars of Our Foundation

The Freedom Writers Foundation focuses on four main programs that improve the education of students around the globe. We train educators to teach every student, develop interesting and substantive curriculum for students, award scholarships to first-generation high school graduates, and bring hope by sharing our stories of overcoming adversity through education.


Empower students to succeed through in-person presentations, video chats, and workshops


Conduct professional development programs in Long Beach for educators of vulnerable and at-risk youth


Create engaging, high-interest lesson plans, teaching tools, and bestselling books


Award scholarships to first-generation high school graduates in Southern California


The Freedom Writers Methodology

During Freedom Writer Teachers Institutes, participants are trained to implement the Freedom Writers Methodology which is a proven teaching technique and curriculum designed to improve student engagement and help educators create classroom cultures that celebrate diversity and promote acceptance.

The Freedom Writers Methodology stands by three main tenets in the classroom: to engage, to enlighten, and to empower students. Educators are instructed on how to engage students by providing a safe and supportive learning environment. They are then shown how to enlighten their students with effective and motivating instruction backed with positive and precise feedback. Lastly, educators are taught how to empower their students to apply the lessons they learned beyond the classroom setting.

  • Preparation

    Empower students for success in college and careers

  • Community

    Foster safe classroom environments of inclusivity 

  • Prevention

    Reduce dropout rates in middle and high school students

  • Retention

    Increase teacher retention and job fulfillment

  • Performance

    Improve academic performance in all studies

  • Acceptance

    Decrease incidents of bullying in students with first year

  • Diversity

    Enlighten students about cultures outside of their own

  • Implementation

    deliver visible results in students within first year