The Scholarship Program was initially developed to provide full financial support to the original Freedom Writers to attend college. Today, many Freedom Writers have moved on to pursue masters and doctoral degrees.The Freedom Writers are still devoted to education and civil rights. They feel obligated to pay it forward. Therefore, the Freedom Writers continue the scholarship program for first-generation high school graduates from Woodrow Wilson High School, the Freedom Writers' alma mater.

The Freedom Writers Foundation awards scholarships each year to first-generation high school graduates who have achieved academic excellence despite being disadvantaged. The Freedom Writer Scholars have overcome adversities such as homelessness, inner-city crime, poverty, and broken homes in order to pursue a college education.

Scholarships are merit-based with heavy need-based considerations. Our scholarships go towards college tuition, books, supplies, and other educational expenses. All of our scholarship recipients have demonstrated remarkable academic promise despite considerable odds. The scholarship program was originally created to help the Freedom Writers attend college, and now the Freedom Writers are paying it forward to the next generation. We are proud to announce that in 2015, we awarded our 100th scholarship.

                                                    DONATE TO THE SCHOLARSHIP FUND 

It is a philanthropic priority to ensure that high school seniors can take full advantage of their potential for success and have the opportunity to receive a higher education, regardless of their financial means. To make this a reality, please donate to the Scholarship Fund. You can securely donate online today or mail a check to: Freedom Writers Foundation, c/o Scholarship, PO Box 41505, Long Beach, CA 90853 

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Congratulations to the 2015 Freedom Writer Scholars, pictured above!

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