Freedom Writer Methodology


It's not just writing …. 

It is transformative education. Through the Freedom Writer Methodology, students significantly alter their self images and understandings of society and culture. Students meets all academic standards and grade-level skills as the realize their full potentials and graduate college and career ready. This is not just education, it is a personal odyssey.  

Components of the Freedom Writer Methodology: 

Our curriculum is aligned to national standards and the Freedom Writer Methodology. 

At the Freedom Writers Institute, educators participate in a full-immersion methodology training. 
  The students undergo deep personal and cultural analysis with the aim to improve their lives and community.
  The teacher is deeply caring and very aware of each students' personal and societal obstacles.
  The act of writing and sharing one's personal story is a driving force behind the curriculum.  
  Autobiographical and academic writing are stressed throughout the methodology.
  The curriculum consists of high interest and relevant nonfiction and fiction selections, often dealing with human and civil rights.  
  Assignments consist largely of empowering, project-based, and experiential learning activities in which the student positively impacts herself and/or her community.

The success of the Freedom Writer Methodology is dependent on a driven and trustworthy educator who establishes a safe environment and is personally invested in each student. 

The Freedom Writers Foundation conducts a full-immersion training of the methodology at the Freedom Writers Institute
Through the Freedom Writers Outreach Program, Erin and the original Freedom Writers share components of the methodology in communities everywhere.
Erin Gruwell, the Freedom Writers, and the Freedom Writer Teachers have published standards-aligned curriculum based on the Freedom Writers Methodology.  

For more information about the methodology, please contact us.