"Write the Wrong"

Limited Edition T-Shirt

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Martin Luther King, Jr. lead the Civil Rights Movement with the philosophy of nonviolent resistance, the goal of which is not to defeat an opponent, but to build cooperation and community.

Gruwell and the Freedom Writers are deeply inspired by Dr. King.

When she recounts the story about teaching the Freedom Writers, Gruwell stresses how she pleaded, "put down your fist, put down your gun, and pick up a pen."


Following Dr. King's  legacy of non-violent resistance, the Freedom Writers Foundation designed a limited-edition t-shirt that captures the shared essence of Dr. King's and the Freedom Writers' visions.

Donate $25 or more for one last day, February 27th, and receive this limited edition t-shirt as a thank-you gift. 



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T-shirts are available only in heather gray, as shown here.